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Shirley Williams Communications is a full-service integrated communications company in Durban. For more than two decades, we’ve specialised in public relations, marketing, advertising, communications, crisis management, and events throughout South Africa. 

“We’ve always believed that In the PR business, it’s who you know, and we know people – all the right people. It’s part of our secret to getting our clients’ brands out there.” – Shirley Williams 

Over the years, we’ve built a solid base of valuable contacts – both local and national. We’re connected where it counts: in media, business, technology, and community – and we leverage these great relationships to help spread our clients’ messages.

Seamless. That’s the experience everyone wants.

It’s what you want for your brand, right? An expertly planned and smoothly executed campaign. And that’s one of the many reasons our clients come to us.

They also come for fresher solutions, especially when they need a new, cleverer approach. So much is changing. The media, technology, and culture landscape has transformed. 

How do you keep up? How do you adapt?  How do you stay relevant?

That’s where we help – because we have the skills to plan the smartest strategy for your brand.

Connecting at all levels.

The choice of communication platforms and channels is huge. It can be baffling. Yes, the shotgun approach can be tempting – but resist.  At SWC, we’ll help you reach the hearts and minds of your audience with a formula that’s tailor-made to you and your unique needs.

We’ll cherry-pick the very best options from social media, marketing, and communications, to public relations, and reputation management. And we’ll work as a team to get it perfect. It’s the only way. 

Time to get your brand’s message out there? Browse our services – or contact us for a chat, and find out more. 

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